Heal with Susie
Transformational therapy for body, mind, heart and soul
As part of my creative journey through this extraordinary thing we call 'life', I am committed to healing practices that support me to open my heart, to embody the whole spectrum of emotions and experiences, and dive deep into emotional wounds to loosen their shackles that threaten to hold me hostage from living to full capacity with compassion and wildness.

And thanks to the healing with Susie, I have expanded into areas of my being that have transformed my life wholly, providing nourishment to evolve into a brave and conscious artist/carer/Samaritan, friend/sister/lover/mother with infinite empathy and compassion for myself, others and humanity. My windscreen has never been so clear. My colours have never been so vibrant. My waters have never been so calm.

I have been healing with Susie since 2015 and fully support her mission to reach those who want relief from emotional distress and trauma. I feature her on my website as a testimony of her profound healing practices and as it interrelates with my interest in grief and bereavement most commonly linked with death and dying. Just like me practice as an artist and carer are deeply connected, so is spirituality, emotional healing and everyday experiences. I can't recommend Susie enough. She is Mother Earth incarnated!

Susie Warburton Brown (M.A. Oxon, P.G.C.E) is based in the North East of England, offering individual and couples healing.

Spiritual & Emotional Counselling

When you feel depressed, angry or stuck,
anxious, fearful or overwhelmed,
stressed, self-critical, disconnected or numb

I can lovingly support you to:
- feel better
- get clarity
- increase self-acceptance
- empower yourself
- heal and grow

We will work together to gently and safely:
- uncover the hidden roots of your issues
- heal emotional trauma
- free yourself from stressful thoughts
- empower yourself
- liberate you to transform and grow

Visit her website for more information.

"Susie's love and nurturing manner help me to access complete trust and acceptance in her presence."

"I trust Susie to hold space for healing in a wise and conscious way. I am so grateful for Susie's emotional intelligence and loving connected presence."

"Susie is such a natural at lovingly holding the space and guiding the person to connect with the healing needed."

"Susie holds such a warm, nurturing space for emotional healing as a sweet mothering presence; accepting, comforting, reassuring, witnessing everything. I feel a sense of unconditional love from the moment I arrive."

"Susie has a beautifully calm and comforting tone of voice and a uniquely tender and sensitive style."

"Susie is an amazing and highly experienced healer, and knows just the right way to bring out the issues without feeling uncomfortable."